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Horn dawg update

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:o The Good New Is that Corky's (horn dawg1's) back is better. The bad news is all that wrestling with the bike somehow caused weird internal organ things to happen and now he's going through all kinds of medical tests. But we got four tank panels from Branson orders out this week and will be mailing again on Monday. We've brought in an assistant to help with the not-so-creative parts of the work.

  This being not up to physical par is something he isn't used to - no one could be more surprised than we are. Its going to be great when the good days are back and orders get filled in a couple of weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with us. The Guarantees Still Stand.

Ride Safe, WildFire!

Stand Out In The Crowd!

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What He Said...

Get well Soon Corky... :bthumb:





Junior!!!  :Cheers[1]:

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Hey Wildfire!

Corky is one of Us!!

You tell him to concentrate on getting better and getting in shape.

We all understand when things go wrong, and get delayed.

Tell him hi and to get well soon.

:I-Agree[1]: Ditto!!


I was going to order from y'all right after Branson, but with all the stuff going on with Corky, I figured I'd order a little later so as NOT to stress y'all out trying to get 'my' order out.  :D


I'll probably put my order in after Sturgis.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE focus on getting well.  We all love your work, but also realize that Corky can't create if Corky is not healthy.


- -


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Hello Wildfire and Corky,


  First priority is your health. Make sure to do all the right things for yourself first.


Get well soon as you can, Corky.  We can all wait for the products, they are worth the wait.

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