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I went to see the Allman Brothers on tuesday and I gotta say...Warren Haynes ( one of the guitar players) kicks ass!

I've seen him with the band about 15 years ago and so I knew he was good, but after tuesday's show, he has moved up to my "one of the best guitar players of all time" list. And believe me its a short list. Not only did he exhibit incredible musicianship, he played for 90 minutes with his band Gov't Mule before playing another 3 hours with the Allman Bros.(at an intense level)!

One of the highlights with the Mule was, Dave Mason came out for a few tunes, one of which was "feelin' alright".

He also took some of the old Allman standards to new levels.

I don't smoke or drink, so I can't attribute my "review" to an altered state...just my clean and sober observation.

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