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Sailing with captain morgan

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Yo... last week I went to pick up a fifth of Captain Morgan cocconut rum.  It turned out that a half gallon was only two dollars more.. what a bargain..  


Well, the half gallon is almost gone, and can you believe it.. I'm getting tired of the cocconut.  Don't really care for the spiced rum either.


Hate burbon....tastes like soemthing which got moldy before it fermented..


Can't stand vodca ever since I drank a whole fifth in about two hours ( way big mistake, but when you're 18 you'll make mistakes like that )


Tequilla is out.. it was the wife's liquor of choice, and gotta keep that bitch away from the booze at ALL costs...


E&J cask and cream is tasty, but way too much calories..


Love Kaluha, but since i have been diagnossed with GERD, gotta abstain from coffee and chocolate..


any suggestions?

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I have 135 different makes of scotch you could try.  I'm still looking for one I really, really like.
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Only thing left......Gin. Keep the bottle in the freezer. Just add lime juice to add a little flavor. Less hangover with the clear spirits.
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An old dog trader I knew swore by what he called ''donk''. Cut 190% grain alcohol by 50% with water, addbrown sugar to taste. He lived to 97.
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