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Who is supporting our troops?

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Adolph Coors Company


Adolph Coors Company has a legacy of providing support to members in the armed forces. The Coors Veteran’s Group, an internal volunteer organization located at three facilities, works with the Guard and Reserve families to provide support during times of mobilization. Additionally, this internal volunteer organization coordinated employee efforts to support our troops in the war by boxing and shipping more than 3,000 pounds of donated items. The company’s long-standing policy of differential pay was updated to a full year post 9-11. Mobilized employees have the option of continuing certain benefits for up to one year as well.


American Express Company


American Express Company is committed to its customers and its employees. This dedication and support to Guard and Reserve employees was exemplified when the company experienced a corporate reorganization. Entire sections and positions were eliminated. American Express authorized reassignments to deployed members, allowing for continued pay and benefits. The company provides full pay and benefits during military leave up to five years, cash contributions to the employee’s retirement plan, prorated bonuses, care packages to the mobilized member and family at home, and continuous letters/emails of support from employees and senior company officials.


Bank One Corporation


Bank One Corporation, now merged with J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, supports its Guard and Reserve mobilized members with pay differential, continued health and insurance benefits, care packages to deployed members, and family support. The support provided by the company helps assure the quality of life for both the military member and family. Bank One Corporation, now known as JPMorgan Chase, values the leadership and “global” experiences that Guard and Reserve members bring to the corporation.


Colt Fire Safety and Rescue


The enthusiasm, patriotism, and support of Colt Fire Safety and Rescue is outstanding. This company and its leader take great pride in the employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve, and go way beyond what is required to support their mobilized employees. Colt Fire Safety and Rescue believes military personnel make exceptional team members. The company considers their skills, training and discipline will exceed most average employees. A small, 100% woman-owned business, Colt Fire Safety and Rescue continues full salary and benefits for its deployed members. The CEO personally contacts the families and sends care packages to mobilized employees.


General Electric Company


General Electric values, respects and honors its military members. They have a military recruiting division, and specialized “leadership programs” for military members transitioning to the corporate arena. In addition, the company participates in and sponsors Service Academy Career Conferences throughout the year at various locations. General Electric provides one full month of salary to mobilized employees plus differential pay for up to three years. All benefits are continued during deployment, plus GE offers limitless support services for the employee and family members.


Harley-Davidson, Inc.


Harley-Davidson’s spirit of support goes far beyond paperwork and benefits. An “All American” manufacturer based in Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson has shown tremendous support of its Guard and Reserve employees for more than half a century. It is estimated that about 14 percent of Harley-Davidson employees are members of the Guard and Reserve. Upon mobilization, the employee receives frequent “care packages”, pay differential, continued health and life insurance, and 401(k) benefits. The corporate values mirror those its Guard and Reserve members fight for: freedom, patriotism and independence.


The Home Depot


The Home Depot has been a forerunner in support of its Guard and Reserve associates. The Home Depot hired more than 10,000 veterans in 2003 and expects to surpass that number by a wide margin in 2004. With Project HomeFront, the company donated one million dollars and one million volunteer hours to help military families at home while their spouses were deployed. Another million dollars in tools and supplies were sent overseas to support the rebuilding effort in Iraq. Currently 1800 "blue star" service banners hang in their Atlanta headquarters to represent associates that have been called to active duty.


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has a long history of supporting the Guard and Reserve. The department has 365 military reservists, and 151 have been recalled to active duty. LASD continues benefits, paid military leave, and actively supports the family. LASD is setting the standard for other public safety agencies in supporting the military reservist. The members are allowed to wear their authorized military decorations and awards on their uniforms. Returning members are partnered with a mentor to refresh, update and enhance their job skills. Preference points are given to qualifying veterans and their spouses on entry exams and certain promotional exams.


The State of Minnesota


The State of Minnesota has been legislatively proactive in the protection of Guard and Reserve members and sets the example for employers in Minnesota. Recently the State of Minnesota passed legislation for mobilized members, which includes pay differential for mobilized state employees, protection for college students called to active duty, and state tuition reimbursement program funded by the State of Minnesota. Additionally, the First Lady of the state has introduced a program that provides assistance to all Minnesota military members and their families called the First Lady’s Family Care Initiative.


Northrop Grumman Corporation


Northrop Grumman Corporation has been a large supporter of their Guard and Reserve employees for many years. The company provides salary differential, and offers a continuation option of insurance benefits. Correspondence by fellow employees to the mobilized member and a family support system provide the peace of mind to the military member while he/she is deployed. Northrop Grumman also sponsors other military events and functions. Additionally, people in the Guard and Reserve, as well as retired military, are given special consideration in light of the vast experience they bring into the company upon employment.


One Source Building Technologies


One Source BT offers a comprehensive employee benefits package that clearly demonstrates support for its employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve as citizen soldiers. They provide continuation of salary and benefits throughout periods of mobilization. Through these actions and their caring concern for families of Guardsmen and Reservists, they encourage their employees to serve their country, state and community. One Source BT has remained faithful to their commitment to their Guard and Reserve members even through the business recession that our Nation’s economy has suffered.


Saints Memorial Medical Center


After September 11, 2001, many of the employees of Saints Memorial Medical Center (SSMC) were mobilized. Although some employees had been with SSMC for only a week, and there wasn’t a policy in effect for long-term mobilization, SSMC immediately granted all mobilized members pay differential and continued benefits. SSMC is a non-profit hospital with a nursing shortage, but it was important to SSMC that none of their employees would suffer from financial hardship while on deployment. The company continues benefits, sends letters and care packages, and provides a network for family support.


Sprint Corporation


Sprint employs approximately 70,000 employees nationwide. The company actively recruits Guard and Reserve members, as well as prior military personnel. Approximately ten percent of Sprint employees are military members. Mobilized members are provided with pay differential, along with continued benefits for the families. Sprint Community Relations Teams urge employees to support local charity and not-for profit organizations to give support to families of deployed employees. Sprint participates in many military support activities and encourages military spouse employment.


Strategic Solutions, Inc.


Strategic Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is a company where all employees reflect American values and principles. SSI employees continuously support military personnel and their families in all four states where business operations are located. This company provides differential pay, and some benefits such as life insurance are continued during mobilization. SSI employees send care packages to mobilized members every 90 to 120 days, and the CEO conducts personal visits and weekly phone calls to family members. Hiring preference is given to any Guard or Reserve member, or prior service personnel.


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart based on values he helped defend while serving in WWII; respect, quality of life, opportunity and freedom. Wal-Mart continues to provide benefits for associates called to active duty, assistance to their families and makes up any pay differential. Wal-Mart works with hospitals abroad where wounded soldiers are being treated to supply them with needed and requested items. Wal-Mart partners with the VFW’s Operation Uplink offering free phone cards to military personnel, and recently donated $1 million to the VFW to help meet the rising demand for services with the influx of new veterans. In 2004 a $1.8 million dollar grant was also contributed to military family support groups.

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Thanks for that. It is good to see that there are more people here that support the troops.


Living so close to a military base here, it is the most support for the troops I have ever seen.

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