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Indian sighting....

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Opened my June 27, 2005 Sports Illustrated while sitting on the throne of power.  I turn to page 30 and it is a two page truck ad...but something catches my eye and I turn back to it again and look closer.


NO it is not Indian Motorcycle Company LLC advertising. But...

There in the bed of the Nissan Titan is a vintage Indian Chief....with Montana plates 2229 on it.


Thought it neat that a foreign large truck maker that is taking huge shares away from Ford and GMC and Dodge with their full size Nissan Titan chose to put an American icon in the bed of the truck...instead of one of their home grown Honda, Kawasaki Drifters or others.....

At first I thought it was joe Joe Guns bike....marron with flat rack on back...then I saw the round old school tail light and the engine and primary.  Big buddy seat with seat rail and that left side carb....


Just thought you all might want to see it too....  If I had a scanner I would show you the pic....and cant find it through GOOGLE either so may be new ad campaign to tie it with an American classic.  Glad to see they did not pick Harley or even Victory to represent traditional American classics...LOL

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