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Christmas day

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Well, it's Christmas Day here, 28 degrees above 0.


It was time for my tradtional Christmas Day ride.

Put a heater up next to the block to warm the oil, threw a battery charger on for maximum volts (and warming up the battery) and fired #7 up. What sweet Christmas music.


Through on a sweatshirt

and my Indian Leather jacket.

Some gloves

and an Indian hat.

And by the way Santa, you  forgot my chaps!

Oh, crap!


Headed on out and all around,

Up and down the hills,

then cruising through town.

There were stop lights and go lights,

And few 4 wheeler's here and there.

But not one single scoot,

for the road to share.

100 cubes, the roar of the pipe filling the air,

and not a single care.


Felt very blessed to be riding today,

No Harley's, no Rice,

What more can I say...


I love my Chief,

and all it represents,

along with being out in the elements.

The Legacy will always live in my heart,

factory or not,

I'm grateful to God to be a part!





:bvictory:  :rasp:  :bvictory:

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I keep try'n ta tell ya, for warm weather riding, ya can't beat a set of black Carhardt bibs! :wave:



I don't get to ride much in cold weather here in the Houston area, but it seems to me these leather bibs would be the way to go.  And at $80 they seem priced right, too.



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