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I miss trog...

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Did a search on the word "Fuktard" knew I had been called it before....


Quote (Samurai @ May 27 2004,21:33)

Last Resort knows I am right and you and Pork are a bunch of fuktards who got your ass kicked in a debate about facts and now the both of you are whining like a pair of bitches instead of just letting it go. Pork follows me to every thread and asks to get verbally smacked down again...just as you do here.


Be a man, accept your defeat, STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND, HERE AND TO OTHER BOARDS LIKE A PUSSY BITCH AND LET IT GO. Its YOU who choose to drag this out, not me, and this is why Last Resort doesn't ban me.


Came up with a bunch of Troglodyte/Samuari hits


Find your favorite trog quote


Here is one!


Posted: May 23 2004,16:35



Lair! You just love to run your mouth to hear yourself talk. Again, that behavior may win you points in your trailer park or even jail, but you are clearly outclassed when it comes to matters of intellect.


So, you really gonna stay out or will you run your inbred mouth without a shred of fact or intelligence some more? Although I find low class people like you entertaining, I'd much rather have a more positive experience concerning Indian motorcycles. Not every owner can be a trailer park, beer swilling, hillbilly, inbred, racist, redneck!


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Are there any chicks on this forum? and if so , do they show skin?
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No it can't be.....

Notice it only has one post?


It ain't

Yep, I figured it was you. Ya spelled Samurai wrong!  :P

FU dickweed, next time I hold the voodoo doll it won't be your foot I have you cut off!!! :bhi:

Next time. Don't put the hurt to me right before Branson.


Ok... Jagmoe :bwaver:

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