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I almost had hassenpfeffer Indian style! My buddy and I were riding on an old farm road when a big rabbit darted out into the road. We were doing about 70 per and the thing ran right in front of his front tire and right behind mine. I thought fer sure one of us was going to get it. :bomb:
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I beat the shit out of my goose last night.  :veryangry:

Hey Last I thought I told you to quit using Viagra for a sleeping aid! :bhi:

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I had an admirer of my Indian lose it's life last week.  First time this has happened.  Was riding down the road and this bird was coming at me and it was staring at the beauty of my Chief so intently that it flew right into my front tire!  Looked back and saw it sitting in the middle of the road.  



That's what an Indian can do to you if your not careful!  :nod:

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