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Check this out on page 77 of the May 05 issue.  Saw the magazine sitting around at my brother in law's house.  It has a big cover article on America's 100 Best stuff.  Take a guess on what they nominated the "Best Classic American Motorcycle"?  And no it's not a Harley!


quote:  "With it's swooping valanced fenders, fat tires, and bristling chrome, the Indian Chief is practically a rolling piece of sculpture.  It's also perhaps the most recognizable iconic American motorcycle of all time.  The personalized color combinations made these bikes even more distinctive.  Today a ding-free Chief from the 1940's will set you back around $20,000.00."


I couldn't have said it better myself!  The highlight came complete with a picture of a beautiful shiny red 1940's era Chief.  Makes me proud to own a piece of iconic American history!


Suck that one Harley owners! :rasp:

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Thats one of the reasons I bought mine as well over another

Harley.  So many Harleys and so few Indians but so well known. :unclesam:



I know why I bought it, everytime I ride it...



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:bvictory: Traded HD for new Chief and won't go back!

All the years I went to HD dealer, didn't even remember my name.  At Indian dealer, calls me be name every time.


Great ride, great people, great bike!


One happy Indian owner!

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That's one of the many reasons why I bought my Indian.  It's a work of art.

Amen brother... :cppl1

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