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Spring in colorado

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I figured I better get this in before all the Branson pix show up.  The wife didn't have to work Friday.  It was in the low 80's here at the house.  So we got on the bikes and went for the mountains.  Perfect day.  Warm, Spring is making everything green, and the tops of the mountains are still covered w snow.  Ended up doing just over 240 miles....   A lot of times Colorado weather sucks, but not yesterday.  





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Thats definitley sum nice country...Big-Thumbs-Up.gif

Was there in the early 80's...Idea.gif





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That is a very cool pic!! :bthumb:


What's it like being high all the time? :devil:


  You're just gonna have to come out and visit to find out! ;):P


- -


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