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Rider down...

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Another forum that I and Nasty frequent, infrequently, but visit nonetheless had a member go down hard on his scoot last weekend.  They are getting money together to get his sister up from Texas and a trailer to collect his bike.  Talk of having a Poker Run to get some money to help him out is looking like it might happen in June.  I will post as more info is available unless Nasty posts before I see it...  Here is what happened as told by his friend that was with him:


Saturday him and I went ridin, we visited some other friends that had motorcycle related injuries then we headed to Johnny Dares so Gruff could show off my "UGLY" paint job bike.... I left there at about 1:45pm and headed home. Tim and some other friends headed to BB's Lawnside BBQ later that day....then at approx. 6:30 they headed out to go back to Johnny Dares. At 85th & Paseo there is a Conoco Gas station, a driver was blinded by the sun and pulled out directly in front of Tim "Gruff" and another couple on a bike. t-boning the bikes. Tim hit the car and was air born over the car landing on the other side. His injuries were serious.



He has multiple fractures in his right foot - right now it is cast but in two weeks when swelling goes down they will remove cast and do corrective surgery on the bones in his foot that need re-alignment.


Pelvis is separated in the front and in the back. - At 6pm tonight he will have surgery putting in screws in back of pelvis and a plate in the front to hold together. If his pelvis is two messed up when they get in there instead of the plate across the front they will put in pins that protrude from your body with half halo holding them intact. "We hope for the plate not the pins!" Because his pelvis separated it caused a major artery to be severed and he had severe internal bleeding...a life threatening situation. They went in through a cath and cauterized the artery and gave him blood to replenish his body.


His left elbow is broke - In a few days they will go in and place a plate there as well and cast it so it can heal properly.


He has two vertebrae in his neck C2 that are fractured. It is high on his neck in a location that could cause paralysis....right now he has full movement but they are going to keep the Collar on for 8 weeks to ensure that he does not do damage after the fact.


He had severe bruising of this chest and heart causing him to have difficulty breathing. Currently he has a breathing tube in place but this morning they are removing the breathing tube and replacing it was a tracheotomy so his lungs can clear up.


The doctor told me that he will be wheelchair bound and not able to bear weight on his body for well over 3 months. He has a long road to recovery and I know when he gets out hes gonna need the love and support from all his friends. Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.


We are organizing a ridersdown ride to help Tim out with finances and such as he will not be able to work and I know insurance will not cover everything. If anyone is interested in helping organize this with me, please let me know.....I am trying to get info and stuff now then I will start making flyers and posting this ride as soon as we can plan a route, etc. I need help here, I have never planned a ride or routes and would appreciate any help from anyone.


Tims birthday is May 29th.....just sending a card to the room would be something that could possibly boost his spirits more than we know..... so if ya get a chance, drop him a line and mail a card.....I know he would appreciate it. He is in Neurological ICU Bed #2


Saint Luke's Hospital

4400 Wornall Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64111




**If any of you are in the area it would be nice if you could swing by and say hello for me to his sister, Dy and family if they are there...and support the Poker Run when it is announched.


You guys please be safe....another buddy MURPHY who is a radio DJ I knew here in Charleston and moved back to Chicago area went down last week in a wreck.  Dont want to lose any of you...

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Just wanted to give an update on Tim. He had surgery last night to repair the damage to his pelvis. They put in a titanium plate on the front of his pelvis and screws in the backside....everything went well. He is doing as good as can be expected. Right now his biggest issue is clearing his lungs up, he has fluid in his lungs, but they think now that he is stable it will help clearing this issue up. The other two surgery's on his right foot and the bone right above his elbow will be as soon as his lungs are free and clear.


You will not be able to call and talk to anyone about Tim as his family has put a password on so that the nurses are not bombarded with calls asking about Tim. His breathing tube is no longer in. He now has a tracheotomy that seems to be much better than the breathing tube was....I sure like it better, he seems to be more comfortable without that tube down his throat.


Thanks again to all for thoughts and prayers. If anyone plans on sending anything to the hospital such as flowers or anything big like that he is in NSICU Bed #2. You will need to put that on the envelope along with the address to the hospital. If you are sending cards and well wishes....please send to me at my address with his name on it as below and I will take to the hospital...this will make it a lot easier i think.


Tim Strickland

11916 Felton

Sugar Creek, MO 64054

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he goes by name of GRUFF, forgot to add that earlier...
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my candles are lit for you gruff,thoughts and healing prayers,will help any way i can. a card is on its way. :(
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Saw the wreck on the tube, the one bike was totaled - had to hurt. Sue the crap out of that guy who by his own admission-vision was obscured by sun. BB's & Johnny’s are great spots, but KC's inner traffic at peak hours is ruthless. Wish him a full and "God's speed" recovery.


If you frequent those icon spots you probably saw us, several hundred bikes, at the Shawnee City Council meeting this evening protesting the proposed ordinance for loud pipes- to the tune of four hundred dollars/db violation. Sorry no pics. Wish they would worry more about the 85% hispanic diving w.o. insurance. Speaking of insurance, was just down in the keys and you could really see the hurricane money at work.

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Really sad.  It's my least favorite part of this website.. the continual reminder that I am an idiot.  No, make that WE are idiots.


Scary shit.  Sure hope he can make a full recovery.  


God bless.



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Thoughts and praters from Junior and Family...

Hope he mends up and gets well Soon...



Junior!! :Cheers[1]:

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Care package on the way from SoCal -


Be strong for him...


Thanks, Danny

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I live south of KC so anything I can do to help let me know, also post anything about the ride here....  maybe I could hang some posts for you. Saw the accident on the tube ..it was bad. Thoughts and prayers to Gruff and family.
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any updates to how he's doin now? :lookaround2:
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