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White House evacuated?

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A communications breakdown led federal officials to believe the plane might be targeting the Capitol, but it turned out to be carrying Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher, who had been cleared to fly into the area.
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It was a sad display of how innefective the security for the capital remains.


the choppers and F-16s were 'scrambled'?


BULL CRAP.  There should be a couple in the air 24/7.  They should have big LED sign boards which read "follow me or die"


That the plane was able to get within 3 miles of the white house is a dismal embarrassment to the forces in charge of security.


heads should roll.



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Pilot and student pilot from my area. Hangered plane and took off from Smoketown airport which is about 10 miles from my home. Feds/ and State Police were all over the area yesterday.



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