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Kids on ponies....

Kids on ponies....  

  1. 1. Kids on ponies....

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    • Steel Pony?

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What the hell is a pony? Homer did you spend the night at the Neverland ranch when you were a youngster?

You never saw me there, did you?  It may have been a black guy, but that wasn't me in the bed with you.  :rotfl:

You know...steel ponies..like the bike "event" we have here in new orleans..

they're kids....take it easy on 'em. they can ride horses when they're older....or not


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Never seen a kid yet that didn't light up like the sun when you place them on a pony, steel or real.


I went to a carnival awhile back and as I was walking in I over heard a father ask his daughter what she wanted to ride, and (I kid you not) she pointed at my Chief. Now I was dressed up in my usually "motorcycle enthusisist" gear, and being a couple shades lighter than her dad, I had to make the first move, told him to put her on there and let me get a picture for ya'll.


Twenty years from now she might not remember any thing else about that day, but she will remember sitting on that bike that, the guy with the dead critter on his head, rode into the Carni.

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When my granddaughter was 4 I put her on in front of me for a ride around the block. On one of the back streets where there is very little traffic,I punched it pretty hard. She lit up like you would not believe,clapping her hands and hollering do it again grandpa. When she comes up for a visit now,she bugs hell out of me untill I take her for a ride :bvictory:
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