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As some of you know, IMC had some great leather goods...pricey, but good.  I still have a six year old Indian jacket that is much better than anything HD has put out.  Anyway, a local show did a bit on Henry Wittenberg, president of Ragtrade Clothing Company Ltd. & Rottweiler Motorcycle Leathers.  They go through what it costs and takes for true custom leather suits...and highlighted in the piece are lots of the Indian gear.


Click on the site, then click on Custom Gear under On Two Wheels


TV show

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I'm in Los Angeles...so that'd be a helluva trip...but you'd have a place to stay.



Henry passed on the site to me and I thought I'd share.  We've been talking with each other for a number of years and he's a great guy to deal with.  If you want to contact him, here's his sites.




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Yeah, Henry is a good cat.  When we took over the dealership, we bought so much leather he flew out here for the day.


You said 'local' show.  Tencrows stuff is based out of Vancouver - thought perhaps you were hanging on the free side of the border with us.  I'd zip down to LA but Homeland Security don't much care for me anymore.   :down:

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I've been in and out of Vancouver a lot this year working on several MGM shows like Stargate, Atlantis and Dead Like Me...all that came to a screeching halt this past week with Sony's lock down of MGM...I'll let you know the next time I'm in Canada...and I'll bring the scotch since drinking in that town is extremely "taxing".
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