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Hd stock takes a dive...

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HD execs make up excuses for stock dive and cut production...You think maybe it has something to do with the fact that they made a kazillion "rare" 100th. anniversary editions and that pissed a lot of people off?
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Hey Nasty, don't forget that HD also has to compete with all the byzillion previous years of used models that now inundate the classified ads.  Looks like the goose got greedy, laid too many golden eggs, and the price of gold took a big shit.  For the average upper middle-aged life crisis male, using the pickup line,"I've got a Harley" is synonymous with pattern baldness and a direct admission of not having a life or an identity, and hoping a marketing company can give you one or both. The people that bought HD because they needed an identity are going to be surprised at what identity that may be.......as the marketing targets new prospects.  

    But we've been watching this unfold for a couple of years now.  A 17 percent stock dive in a day is nothing to sneeze at.      

     campbell              :uhoh:

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"....attributed the shortfall in U.S. retail motorcycle sales to weather and delayed warm spring temperatures...."


WTF weather are they talking about?


No.....they finally saturated the market, dealers have full showrooms and selling below msrp, which hasn't been seen since AMF days. They will probably do something really brilliant like control production so they can get back to the waiting lists and make it "special" to buy one, because not just "anyone" can. (and btw, this was accomplished in the past by selling the majority, yes I said majority of bikes overseas for REALLY big bucks. The "all american, for the american rider" company was dumping them outside the U.S. to hose you, the U. S. rider. I verified this rumour with the reports I used to get in my HD stockholding days).

If the stars and planets align, this will be kicking in is Indian dealerships pop up. heh heh, now wouldn't that be interesting.

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I had read last year that they had increased they're 2003 Anniversary sales production year from 12-14 months, which means that the following year to date sales numbers would be based on a 10 month production cycle. They were trying to add to the hype surrounding the Anniversary celebration.


To say that the entire market has slowed would have to be indicated by the other major manufacturers. How are Honda's numbers during the same time period?

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