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Anyone seen this?

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I'll keep an eye out for her at some of the rides / ralleys in the Minnesota and Wiscosin area.. What I don't get is why the article mentions that she hasn't had any accidents yet...

As for injuries, Wuorenma said she's had "close calls but no falls."


What the F does that matter.... Just another example of motorcylist persuction... Bad Biker... Bad.. :angry:


Ok I'm done!!

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I need to move there! After seeing how cheap the price of real estate is there , you get alot of bang for your buck , unlike California!

:no:   :no:

Hope you like 5 months of winter...

Cause iit sucks!!!

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She lives just down the road from my Folks. My Mom was telling me about the article in the paper. Next Christmas when I go up there, gonna have to try to find the bike.


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Sounds like this woman is neglecting her duties in the kitchen and bedroom. :SmackBottom:

:babyhaha:  Now that is funny.

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