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Motorcycle safety tips

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These are probably obvious, but since riding season is upon us once again, I thought I'd throw em out there as a reminder.  Ride safe everybody.



Motorcycle Safety


1.) Assume Drivers Can't See You: Ride assuming that you and your

motorcycle are totally invisible to motorists. That means you must

never assume that drivers can see you. The odds are, they can't so

believe it yourself and always have an "out" for dangerous traffic


2.) Maintain Safe Spacing: Leave plenty of space in front and back


to the sides from all other vehicles. Be an island. Stay away from

traffic as much as possible. This gives you more visibility and more

time to react to situations.

3.) Anticipate Trouble: Anticipate trouble situations and know what


do when you see them. Analyze what vehicles are doing and try to

predict the outcome. Then make sure you're ready to avoid a bad traffic


4.) Beware of Oncoming Left Turners: Beware of oncoming motorists

turning left in front of you at intersections. This is the leading

cause of death of motorcycle riders. I'm deadly serious here. I have

personally lost many friends to this accident. If you only remember one

tip here, let it be this one. Slow down before you enter an

intersection. Have an escape route planned. Stay visible. Don't travel

too close to cars in front of you. Position your bike so it can be seen

by the left turner. Eye contact is not enough.

5.) Ride Your Own Ride: Don't try to keep up with your friends who


be more experienced. Know your personal limits. Ride your own ride.

6.) Watch Out for Curves: Beware of taking curves that you can't see

around. A parked truck or a patch of sand may be awaiting you.

7.) Don't Give In to Road Rage: Do not give in to road rage and try


"get even" with another rider or motorist. If you follow these tips,

most likely you won't fall victim to road rage. It's better to calm

down, slow down, and collect your thoughts first. Then continue on and

enjoy the ride. That's what we're all out there for in the first place.

8.) Don't allow Tailgating: If someone is tailgating you, either


up to open more space or pull over and let them pass. Life is too

short. Remember that a bike can stop faster than a car so you don't

want a truck on your tail when you find yourself trying to brake to

avoid an accident. Also, don't tailgate the vehicle in front of you.

Oncoming drivers can't see you.

9.) Don't Be Blinded by Sun glare: Beware of riding your motorcycle

into sun glare. All it takes is turning a corner and finding the sun

either directly in your face or passing straight through your

windshield. Some helmets have shields to block the sun. Face shields

help somewhat. But sometimes you just find yourself blinded by the

light. Slow down, pull over, shield your eyes and look for a way to

change direction.

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All good'ns. Remember, people haven't seen bikes all winter (in these cold climates), so they have to be reprogrammed.

AMA's American Motorcyclist this month has a bunch of riding tips. Good read.

Be safe, so we can do this again next winter.

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