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To help set this story up,  last Saturday I rode my Chief along with a few buddies and one Gal from Gilroy to Jamestown HD...approx. 200 miles oneway.. When I pulled into the HD Dealer to park I noticed this photographer with a fancy camera I've never seen before (box shape).. Didn't think much, didn't really care... Well, I walked into town for some lunch, upon my return I find this HD Photographer's Business Card inside my helmet.. say's he took a picture of my Chief, thought it looked outstanding and couldn't resist and love's Indian's..that if I wanted to see the proof to email him..

Well, here's the photographer's response back to me after I asked to see the proof...just goes to prove that Stellican needs to bring back Indian for the long haul...even the HD Photographer's are getting bored taken picture's of the same'ol HD masses..  :D


Here's the email received today...


Hi Dan


Yeah, I am normally committed to HD but I love Indians (but don't tell!!)


I just was looking at yours as there were a few that weekend, I guess it was some kind of rideout.


I just loved this bike, I have photographed Indian's a couple of times but I thought this one was exceptional. In fact my buddy dropped by and I was showing it to him, and he agreed that the lines are better than Harley's.


I only took one shot, as I use a large Format View camera, and each shot is quite costly and this one was just 'cause I liked it.


I will be developing the negatives in the next couple of days. I will of course e-mail the shot to you.


You mention the possibility of purchasing, actually this is done through H-D. The owners get a special rate through Jamestown. I am sure if you are interested I can talk to them and ask if they will make it available to you.




Mark Nouillan


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So do you think he really liked your bike or just trying to get you to buy the picture?


SD -   :rasp:  I'm leaning that he like truly liked my bike..come on, it's got to get boring seeing and taking pic's of HD's all day and everyday...and he hasn't tried to sell me anything 'yet'... Still waiting to see the proof...

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