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How much tequila can ya drink???

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Dominican Man Dies After Drinking Contest



SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) - The 21-year-old winner of a competition to drink the most tequila died and three other contestants were gravely ill in the hospital, officials said.


Ricardo Ivan Garcia drank more than 50 shots of tequila Sunday night at Santo Domingo's Blanc, Dance and Lounge discotheque to win the prize of $330 at a Mexican night celebration.


But he was taken ill, hospitalized and died within hours, apparently from heart failure brought on by alcohol poisoning, public prosecutor Jose Hernandez Peguero said on Monday.


Three other contestants remained in serious condition in the hospital, family members said.


For a Whoppin $330 Smackers...Doh.gif






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Last of my buddies to make it "A Shot A Year" for our birthdays -


Stopped at 26 -


Southern Comfort...


Thanks, Danny

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A shot = 1.5 oz.

1.5 X 50 = 75 oz

64 ounces in 1 Gallon + about a can of beer more for a visual.


:sleep3:  :sleep3:  :no:

64 ounces in a gallon ?  


Is that like a California gallon or something ?

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5 bottles of champaign on night in France, good stuff, 40 cents a bottle, sick for 5 days. Never again! :uhoh:
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