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This is great to know. I reside in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area.

Unfortunately I mainly work on the weekends May - September. My summers generally suck!!!


But I do travel, on those weekends, all over Michigan( Muskegon, Ludington, South Haven, Saginaw, Lansing, South Haven....) & parts of Indiana ( Valparaiso ). I would love to go scooten' whenever I can!!!!


I will definately try to get a hold of you guys soon!!!







:bwaver:  :bhi:  :bvictory:  :bvictory:  :bvictory:

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joe, sorry bout delay answering you, I was down in Fla for couple weeks, I own a Chief Roadmaster and live in Livonia/Dearborn area, I also am IIRA member and you can find my ph number in contact section if you wanna hook up and ride sometime -  Dave
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Hopefully in a month or so I , or we. can go riding. Right now I am fond of my fingers not becoming popsicles!!


Thanks :bvictory:  :bvictory:  :bvictory:

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I Live and keep my 03 Roadmaster in Grand Haven I work all over the country on a shitty rotating schedual, but I ride when I am home.  Would love to meet up with anyone to ride.
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I live in South Lyon any time you want to ride just let me know.   I'm in real need of some riding right now its been a long winter.
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