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Mike sarrail, you suck!

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OK, so I am looking at a few magazines at the grocery store when I see a new issue of something like the Rob Motorcycle Report. Flipping through the pages, a 2002 Chief catches my eye. Wait. I know that bike! It is Mike's bike! But it is actually clean! So I read the blurb on the next page and the fucking author goes on to mention the website! FUCKING PRICK!! You have some fucking nerve Mike! Going putting your bike in some fancy magazine and mentioning the IIRA! I tell ya.....
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I am just glad he did not bring the dirty red bitch out for the photo shoot...and embarass us all! :rasp:
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I can't believe the bastard actually cleaned it.

Look at the rear tire. He didn't clean it, he rode it to the shoot! :nod:

Thats good news , it shows that people buy Indians and Actually "ride" them!

The funny part is the guy was shocked that I rode it to drop it off, every other bike has been towed in.


Second was how far I rode it to get it there. All the way from Riverside to Burbank.


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