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On Ebay, CMA just finished the action of 3 2004 Indian motorcycles. I called them for more info. I was able to get the vin# for 2 of the bikes, a chief & 1 of the scouts. But the 3rd bike, a scout, did not have a stcker on it with a vin#. & CMA wouldn't bother to look at the frame.


The 2 Vin#'s I received confirmed that they were 2004 bikes.

Did anyone personally check out these bikes?


The name of the guy who bought the chief was doc--speed. This guy I am 99% sure is Melvin-NREL. He really drove up the price on these bikes, $24,000  each on the scouts. But only $18,000 on the Chief. The scouts had Fat boy tires on them... I guess it was the beginning of another style for the scout.


Just curious if anyone checked anything out.



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Indian had plans to introduce the the 210 Scout in O5. However, I believe there were only like 5 made. Two or 3 got out (disappeared) before Melvin took ownership. Chances are this one may not have been built by Indian, but by NREL with leftover parts.


I have heard tale that he has a bounty out for those missing bikes.

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I saw thhe bikes first hand yesterday.  I picked up a few of the mounted posters they had in the factory.  I was shocked, having been gone for the weekend, to see the price on those Scouts that high.


Neither the red nor the yellow had Fatboy tires on them from what I could see.  The red had seven miles of the odo.  The battery was dead on the yellow so I couldn't check it out.  These were turned over to CMA by Frank O after they were loaned to him for the ride-on event in LA.  The antique Indians were in great shape.  I remember seeing them at the factory a few times.  The 04 Chief went that low because I think people fear ther Staypuff engine.  It did have all the proper 04 upgrades including the grips and the proper (but really huge) exhaust system.  According to CMA, ot had all the upgrades that were planned on 04 done so whomever bought that should have a good bike coming their way.  They do have an 03 Roadmaster that is in the middle of a title conflict that they'll be selling soon enough.


According to CMA, Indian had seven of the 210 Scouts.  They took delivery of five from the factory so according to them, two have gone missing.  They were three 2005 prototypes that Melvin did keep.  In CMA's own words, they were real prototypes with pieces from everything put together to get them rolling.  Rolling, not running.

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Thanks !!

That is some great info.

Maldev, did the vin for the red scout match as a 2004. I was told that thwere was not a vin sticker, but the frame should have had something. I just wondered if you might have noticed.


As far as what I know about the 04's, when I went to Melvin's place ( NREL)  in Grand Rapids, MI, I had a list of their current inventory. Which I recently sent this info to Last Resort. It listed all the 2004's they had plus other bikes. I intially was interested in the Chief that was painted with that crazy flip/flop- irredescent paint used on the limited edition Mustangs. Well it was sold, but the proto-type ( G000001 )

Centennial Chief was still there. Instead of getting an 04, I got the Centennial. I was short the money to get an 04. I began trying to learn more about the 04's, & began to try and track down as much info as I can to know what I was getting was the real deal.


What I know is this.....

Melvin had a Black Scout with a 92" S&S with a vin that showed it as a 2004 bike ( $17,000 ). He listed it as a 2002, it also had 16,800 miles on it. He had 4 other scouts vin -ing at 2004, but they did not have larger fenders like the 92" one

( $25,000 each ).

The CMA Scouts had a larger fender, right? Just not a big tire ?

I actually found another 2004 scout, that vin's out correct, with a big fender but small tire. alot like the CMA's Scouts.


Does CMA have anymore 2004 Scouts?


I am in the process of checking out the Cedar Rapids dealership to see if their 2004's are different or from Melvin.


My total confirmed 2004 scouts are 8, with 4 built as normal & 4 witht he larger rear fender.


Thanks for all the info!!!! :bvictory:  :bvictory:  :bvictory:

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There were no VIN stickers on either the red or the yellow Scout.  Those are put on when they pass Federal emissions and inspections and those bikes hadn't cleared that stage.  At Ride-On, I asked Frank O about them passing all the red tape and he said, at the time, that it would only be a matter of weeks to get things buckled down properly.  I did not check the vin numbers on the frame.


The bikes did have the 210 rear and proper wide rear fender with the "ducktail" front fender.  They were complete bikes and looked great.  The red one had come minor customizing done to it.  It had Adjure turn signals and the license plate and brake light were dropped down to the left swing arm.  It also had shotgun shorties on it.  The yellow one was closer to what IMC was going to release with everythingn in it's proper place and with the proper pieces.


From what I remember from the Indian dealership out here, they weren't able to sell these as 2004 bikes, especially in Cali since they hadn't passed Federal inspection.  technically 04 bikes, the ones that they were selling were being listed as 03s to cover the manufacturer.


Those bikes are the last ones CMA has.  As I mentioned, they have one Roadmaster that is in the middle of a title dispute and that one will be put up for auction as soon as they clear it up.

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MDR Indian in Los Angeles has a blue fat tire 2004 Scout...




Ask for Gard...


Here is a 240 Scout for sale in Colorado...




Thanks, Danny

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