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Social d concert review

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200 people stood outside in the cold pouring rain trying to get tickets for the sold out show. The country & western bar (mechanical bull and all) that holds about 400 people ended up with an attendence of 1,500 adrenaline furied punxs, bikers, rockers and creeps.

There was more ink here than at a DC Comics convention and the woman came out dressed to kill.


First on stage were the "Street Dogs". A blue collar working class Irish punk band from Boston Mass with anthems reminisent to there fellow Bostonians "The Drop Kick Murphys"

They exploded in 4/4 time as sweat and elbows flew. And just as it became chaos they settled into a not yet classic Irish beer drinking ballad "2 bottles of sorrow". For there final song they did the title track from "Savin Hill" and security (or the rodeo clowns) had just about enough as they were getting feet in the face from the wave surfers and shoved around from the slam dancers.


As the tension built and alcohol flowed between sets you could feel this was gonna be one hell of  fucking good time.


The next band all the way from Sweden "The back Yard Babies" were up next. There influence was more of a metal grunge and capped off crowd pleasers like "Minus Celcius"  and "Brand new hate". One of the highlites was when they started out with the old Clash song titled "Bank Robber" They grooved just like Joe Strummer would and then blazed it into an original like the "Back Yard Babies" could.


There was electricity in the air, bouncers rastled people out and then 1,500 people erupted with that first "G" chord.


Social D took the stage as a chick fight started in front of me... then the whole place went crazy as they started the set with "Reach for the Sky". Mike Ness was in classic form, a modern day Johnny "fucking" Cash  and the band was loud as hell. The mix was supurb of old school songs with the new. Ness talked about the old Kansas City gangster days before throwing fuel on the fire with "Nickles and Dimes".

Next up was what started out to be an acoustic version, until he kicked into high gear, guitars blazing, the anti-anthem "Prison Bound".

Mike Ness and Social D ahnialted 1,500 bloody, bruised and tatood people in a 15 song, 2 hour set but it wasn't over...not yet.


As the rodeo clowns fought people off the stage taking down waves of people as they rastled to the door

Ness walked out, looked over the crowd, scowled, spit and said...

"Lets do this Mutha Fucker!!!!!" and blew the building apart with "Ring of Fire"


This was one hell of a show and for 25 bucks if you never seen Social D you need to do it now. *POW*!

www.socialdistortion.com for tour info.

www.blackkatkustoms.com for Ness's custom bike/sled shop.

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