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No longer than 2 months left before we know.

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Stellican said it would make a decision in the first quarter of 05 on the new location. Well, 1 month down. I hope the Alabama folks won them over.

Do you think they should start with a water cooled over head cam vtwin or stick with the aircooled pushrod deal?

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Trying to not hold their feet to the fire over this startup plan. We all agree that the thing is, if they are going to do it, then do it right.

They could be a little more communicative about where this is all heading, but Ford doesn't tell me much about their boardroom planning either.

Strictly projecting here but if I was the owner, after the outlay of millions of dollars to purchase the name and a proprietary engine design that has been in production, there would have to be some huge consideration that I can't imagine to convince me that the more prudent route is to shelve the existing design and develop an entirely new engine.

A lot of singing the deathsong of the air cooled V twin and often the Vrod is offered as the harbinger of things to come. Well, if Vrod is the yardstick, the air cooled mill isn't in immediate jeopardy. The Milwaukee boys can't give those things away.

I would venture to guess that it's more likely that it's HD gone back to the drawing board, to try and blend the iconic Vtwin more seemlessly with the sputtering Vrod.

If I were Stellican then I would take Harley's lessons learned to heart. While the long money may be radiators, the short money is cooling fins. In a startup, short money wins.

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its gonna be here in south carolina and they're gonna hire me to test ride the new bikes!!!! AND! let me help out on problems in the enginering depatment.

all the schooling in the world just isn't a match for an inovative mind,experience, and common sense.

plus let me trouble shoot problems on the assembly line to get things running smoothly and of high quality something I'm real good at.

I love a challenge and usualy come up with an answer given time to think on it.


yea I know but its OK to day dream a little.

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