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Heros on the front

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This just came to me from a brother in Iraq ! I guess he's different from what the media wants you to believe! You see he was injured severely in battle but listen to what he has to say about leaving Iraq!


Hello everyone...


Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying these Holidays!!!


I am sorry for not writing sooner... but, I have been in the hospital for a

bit now recovering and prior to this, I have been in on a mission with 10th

SF-Group here in Mosul dealing with the insurgents for the past month and

have not been at my regular area for a while. It has been a whirl wind since

I arrived up here. And when the Mosul fighting started acting up we have

been down here living with 10th Group coordinating with the Kurdish fighters

and the US Army against these bad-guys here. We work a lot with the new

Strikers too.


I want to write you all and let you know what is up and thank you for the

boxes you all sent… however… I am sorry to say, have not had a chance to

pick-up or open any of my boxes yet. I was told I have about 15+ boxes so I

am sure it is there. I will let you know as soon as I get access to it. I

really am sorry!!! I really wished I did get to open them too… I was so

looking forward to it… it was my Christmas for me when I opened it and

passed things out...


But, I want to thank you for sending them and helping us out.


I told my Sgt. To open them and take the food stuff out to use them and

share them for the Holiday’s… when I get back I will cook up a great big



I am recovering well and should be released this week. The pain and swelling

has gone down a lot. Still puffy and black face with no front teeth. My nose

is off to the side and I have no breathing through it.



I am to have my leave next week and I will go to Scotland to see my wife.

She does not know about my accident or how I look now.... it will be a



The Doc's here will do reconstruction surgery in a month or two... the

swelling and scars have to go down and heal a bit first. It is just my upper

font teeth and nose & sinus canal which need to be re-done.


I refused to go home and leave my team so I am checking out and reporting

back to my team. I may not be pretty, but I can still work.


We had lost our team-commander last week by a gunshot to the foot, but he is

do back in Feb. he is in the US right now recovering.


For now I will just look like a 1950's boxer/hockey-player and just tell

people “my wife did it… don’t ever talk back to her, she has a wicked back

hand”… wink wink


Thanks again for all what you have done and sorry for not writing sooner, I

will enjoy all the goodies when I get back, for now my guys there will...


Take care and Happy Holidays!!!!


With Kind Regards and Warm Wishes…


Love and Respect,



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