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No. 232

Friday, December 3, 2004                              Page A-3

ISSN 1521-9402                               News


Air Pollution

California Air Board, Motorcycle Distributors

Settle Charges of Emission-Device Tampering


LOS ANGELES--The California Air Resources Board has resolved administrative enforcement actions against three motorcycle distributors accused of tampering with or removing emissions control devices.


Two of the companies also allegedly sold motorcycles not certified for sale in the state, CARB said in a Dec. 1 statement announcing settlements that call for penalties totaling as much as $610,000.


"Noncertified or tampered on-road motorcycle engines emit up to nine times more smog-forming chemicals than their counterparts," CARB Executive Office Catherine Witherspoon explained.


Terms of the settlement with Indian Motorcycles call for the company to pay $65,000 as long as it does not tamper with manufacturer-installed pollution control equipment; does not sell, service, or install any noncertified parts; and clearly labels all non-California certified motorcycles as not legal for sale or use on state roads.


If the company violates the agreement, it would be liable for the full $250,000 in penalties the alleged violations merit, CARB said.


CARB negotiated a similar conditional settlement with South Bay Triumph in Carson.


Under that agreement, South Bay Triumph must pay $50,000 and not remove emissions equipment from new motorcycles before or after they are sold. Failure to comply would result in penalties as high as $210,000.


Finally, Hayward-based Bay Area Custom Cycles negotiated a deal calling for $55,000 over two years to resolve allegations it was manufacturing and selling custom built motorcycles to California residents that did not meet the state's clean air standards.


Violation of the agreement would result in fines totaling $150,000, CARB said.


CARB said Bay Area Custom Cycles has since met all certification requirements necessary to continuing selling motorcycles in the state.


      By Carolyn Whetzel


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:laugh: At least they could of made the Air-emission canister's to resemble a Beer Keg & Chromed one at that.!

Then maybe some of those riders that had taken them off would of thought different and left them on for the extra shine...!!

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Isn't the article referring to a dealer down in SOCAL somewhere. It seems like a while ago a dealer got popped for selling Indians without smog that were under the 7500 mile requirement.


The article doesn't clarify the information very well.



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Hey Pablo94...  I'm just the cut/paster....that answer will have to come from Ms Whetzel unless a SoCal folk chime's in with an answer... ???


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Well, I'll call the bitch up. What is her number and what paper does she work for????



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I know two dealers that got popped for doing that down here.  Funny thing is that they've been closed for almost three years.  They were selling the bike scheduled for Canadian delivery in this state.

You know, if they just made the stuff so it didn't fall off the bikes so quickly, I'd think they'd have a case...

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