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On yahoo news, amhey nasty, what's up with this???

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You been on the prison commission again? :ooh2:


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's most violent criminals can no longer play video games that simulate murders, carjackings and the killing of police officers, a decision reached after prison officials were told about the content by a reporter.  :banghead:

The Star reported Thursday the state's new maximum-security prison pulled dozens of violent Sony PlayStation 2 (news - web sites) games from its recreation center on Wednesday, after officials were alerted to their content by a reporter. Inmates had been using them for months.  :bomb:

In fact, the prison's PlayStation offerings included one of the most violent games on the market, "Hitman: Contracts," in which players use everything from meat hooks to silencer-equipped pistols to carry out brutal contract killings.  :shocked:

In all, 35 of the facility's more than 80 games were removed.


Gotta love it, ya know?  The rest of the story is  

on yahoo news among others, for those of you who want to read it.  Wonder if the high scorers were just in the modd to 'show me' how they got into prison in the first place???  OK, I apologize Nasty, bad joke on the state motto.  NOT.. :rasp:

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LOL...I agree the prisoners don't need these games, But I don't buy into the fact that playing them makes a person violent...
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