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The peace pipe was passed...

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Well, some months ago the heated debate arose concerning the feud between the Iron Indian Riders Association, its founding Tribal Council members and members or former members that tend to congregate on the TX Indian Motorcycle Forum.


Lots of accusations...lots of finger pointing...lots of bitterness and hard felt emotion on both sides.  I proposed a meeting to try and resolve this issue before it consumed all of us and try to get back to what originally made the Iron Indians.....brotherhood, a love of Indian Motorcycles, and a willingness to help eachother...plus the riding.


First off...I am no lawyer or anything other than someone that wanted to see a compromise by all parties concerned.


So I put together a list of items to be addressed by all parties that were made privelaged to this endeavor.  Initially I asked for input from both sides....and received comments from multiple persons that were actually involved in the incidents in question.  Not bystanders but the few that were actually around.  Others chose not to respond and some did and saw no use to continue on my quest.


The draft document was completed and proof read for continuity and to just give it a last look.  It was far from perfect...but it addressed some of the major issues from both sides of the feud...and required some swallowing of pride and compromise by BOTH SIDES to make it work without becoming too hard to swallow.


The draft was sent to the current Tribal Council President (Bob) to represent the Iron Indian Riders Assocation and also simultaneously sent to John and Alec who were to represent the other parties involved.  I also sent two courtesy copies to two other members that were not directly involved but had been involved in some of the happenings since then.


I received some very good comments from Alec concerning his likes and dislikes.  I also got information on what he thought might be a sticking point.  Later, I received a very good reply from Bob, the current TC President.  He also gave some very good feedback and had some concerns as well.  It looked good though...but there was some concern on both parts to be rewrote and resubmitted to all parties once complete.


Now I was waiting for a reply from John R who is an integral player in this endeavor....  I sent out notices to those that had not replied again with still no response.  It has now been almost two months since I first sent out the attempt to reach an agreement between the parties involved...and still no response.


So, at this time I am declaring this issue as closed with a lack of interest as the driving force behind me stopping further pursuit.  I received great feedback from Alec and Bob...but John never responded other than a few times by phone this past summer before I did the formal submission.  I was going to post in IIRA and TX forums as well but figured most people come through here even if they do not post...and things have a way of filtering around anyway...


I want to thank everyone that responded and gave me feedback on the attempt...even the negative feedback.  It all helped and even though it has come to a halt it may have atleast made people think about and talk about what has transpired.  Maybe that personal reflection is more than enough...who knows?


One thing I am sure about is that everyone appears to have moved on now...and whatever the reason I for one am damn glad it happened.


I enjoy riding with many people and talking with people in both groups or that even only participate in one and not the other.  Makes no difference with me....but things are moving along on their own with or without me...and that is great.

lets hope that our beloved Indian motorcycles are around as long as their vintage ancestors...and that we can all ride together and enjoy the wind in our face and the rumble of our motors as we blast down the road and enter the twisties....well, sorry Chiefin...no twisties in Coco Beach buddy...haha


Take care and I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing more of you again this upcoming year....  :eyebrow:

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