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Fox says mexico will restart immigration talks wit

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Fox says Mexico will restart immigration talks with U.S.


• California trip planned for end of November


By Editorial Staff, El Economista; and José Luis Ruiz, El Universal




Ottawa, Canada — President Vicente Fox said in a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interview that his government will watch the results of the November 2 elections in the U.S.A. carefully, and that regardless of who wins “we will immediately start working to retake all the process of negotiations that we’ve been carrying on” in order to reach an immigration agreement with that country.*


Fox said that the winner of the U.S. election is not relevant to Mexico, as his administration maintains “a vigorous relationship with the U.S. government.”  In this regard, Fox said that his government is in permanent contact with U.S. members of Congress, with its governors and with the Latino community in the U.S. in order to gain benefits that favor Mexicans who reside in that country either legally or illegally.


Sources in the Office of the Presidency confirmed that Fox will travel to the U.S. from November 29 to December 1, on a working trip to enhance the promotion of human rights of Mexican citizens (in that country) and the use of the Matrícula Consular ID card as a valid identification document in order to obtain driver’s licenses.


Tentatively the president is expected to visit Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he will meet with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He may also visit Seattle, where too he will meet with local officials in order to promote the protection of human rights of the Mexican community.


In an additional effort to keep in contact with the Mexican community living in the U.S., on October 25 broadcasts began of a series of videotaped messages by the president via the 35 stations of the Univision network, the most important Spanish language (television network) in the U.S.

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:no:    Ten more years...   :no:










































I figure in 10 years, I'll be able to retire comfortably in Costa Rica...far away from this bullshit state.  I used to have heartache with folks that take their American $$$ to foreign economies, but FUCK!  It's just bein' wasted here...


Think I can pick up some Spanish lessons before 2015?


bien...mui bien

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I'm quickly becoming ashamed of my so called fellow citizens (all the roaches) coming to this country and we the people conforming to them. Where the KKK when ya need them!
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