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More sad dealer news

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Keck Motorsports, formerly Indian of Evansville, and Indian of Mt. Vernon is closing. According to the spokesman, Dave Medcalf

"Fellow Triberiders,


As you probably know by now, Keck Motorsports is going out of business. Rumors are flying and several questions have been raised so I thought I should address them.


Since Indian Motorcycle went out of business a year ago our sales have drastically decreased. Although we didn't sell a whole lot of Indian's locally, we were very big into Internet sales and delivered bikes all over the country. As with any brand of motorcycle, it's not always the product that makes you the money but rather the aftersales items like parts, accessories and clothing. We ran a report last week that shows we are $80,000 behind in clothing sales alone as compared to this time last year. That attributes to Indian brand clothing only and does not include the loss of parts and accessories sales.


When Indian announced they were going out of business we made the decision to migrate into the custom motorcycle market in hopes it would keep us going until Indian hopefully returned. It is now 12 months later and although Indian has been purchased by new owners, we really don't expect to see any bikes for at least another 12 - 18 months. The downside of the custom bike market is that you really can't sell parts and accessories, the custom bikes already have just about everything that you would want. We had no idea how the loss of clothing, parts and accessory would impact us or we may have closed a year ago.


Several questions have been rasied as to how our closing will effect the Tribe. I really don't forsee any issues, Keck Motorsports initiated getting the group started but really hasn't played much of a role in keeping it going. The only expense currently being paid by Keck is the yearly fee for the Tribe website but that is pretty minimal and a small donation from members should help keep it going.  


As far as my involvement in the Tribe, I would like to keep active if possible. Like everone else here at Keck I need to find a job and living in Mt. Vernon, my first choice would be to find a job there that would allow me to make it to the monthly meetings. As far as keeping the Tribe website updated, I will be happy to continue doing what I can. If I am not able to make it to the meetings all I need is someone to take notes and email them to me and members can continue to send me pictures that I will post on the site.


We would like to thank everyone for their patronage, Tribe members have been our closest friends and we will really miss everyone.


David Medcalf

Keck Motorsports


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We are very  sad to see this. Richard Keck and all those  who worked for him always treated us great! Richard went out of his way for us several times when we had "issues" with  parts that were not under warranty. He even gave us a new front wheel when the chrome on ours started peeling after only 1 year and the company said "not a warranty issue".Best of luck to all the employees who must now find new jobs.
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