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November issue of Iron Works, page 34:  a new chopper/bobber with a PP100 engine.  It's being built by Gard Hollinger (late of Indian of West L.A.) and will be featured in an upcoming issue.


October issue of Free 2 Wheel, one of those pulp freebies you get at the (Southern California) dealers,  page  16 :  They have a photo and article about an Ironhead Sportster that some guy built from scratch.


The article was OK, but the picture was interesting.  The pic was taken out in front of a local biker spot, Cook's Corner.  In the background are two IIRA bikes and one of our more (in)famous members, striking a rather jaunty pose.

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The man is positively ubiquitous.

That, and he seems to get around.  :ooh2:

Yours positively came with a ubiquitous...... ???

.................. :cool:

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