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Scout/spirit production numbers

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So I counted up all the Spirits and Scouts based on a recall for the fender brackets. Here is what I found.


2001 Scout-------------------------------2053

1st Built 5CDMTB000015


2001 Scout Centennial LE-------------------207

LEs have 5CDMCB

1st one end 000001

last one ends 00000244


01 Scout Production                                     2260


2002 Scout Deluxe-------------------------584

2002 Scout STD---------------------------405


02 Scout Total                                         989



2003 Scout Total Production (No Breakdown)--897


2002 Spirit Total Production-----------------964


2003 Spirit Production-(No Breakdown)-------698


Spirit Total Production--All Years------------2,401


So lets review what we know for sure.


99 Chiefs---------------------------------1100

00 Chiefs---------------------------------2000

01 Cheifs---------------------------------????

02 Chiefs---------------------------------????

03 Chiefs---------------------------------????

Scouts Total Production-------------------4,146

Spirits Total Production--------------------2,401

04 All Models Total-------------------------41



Total known to date                                 9,688


Looking at these numbers I would say 12,500 as discussed before is pretty close, but perhaps a few more. O1 was the big production year and I would think they put out quite a few Chiefs that year.


One thing to note, The 01 Scout Centennial is a good example is that the production numbers do have some holes in them, thus if you are trying to figure out your Scout in the run their is some discrepency. Their are 243 frame number possibilities, but only a total of 207 built by my count. I would assume that means some percentage of frames may not have passed welding inspection or were flawed in some way and destroyed prior to being sent out to customers.


Anyway, Geek boy has reviewed the numbers. Just always wanted to know the true production numbers.





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Sorry somehow I erased part of the message.


2001 Spirit Production (no breakdown)-----744 insert above.


The other total is shown at the bottom of the message, which just adds up the Scout to 4,146.


Should have published an excel spreadsheet to a URL I suppose.



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If I remember right, I traded Centennial Scout # 244 for my Chief.

No, I don't regret it...


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