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Hi. I just bought the 2022 FTR Carbon. Got the dealer to change the rear sprocket to gear it up a bit as when test riding, I felt gears ratios were too close together for to the type of riding I do. Rode away from the dealership to head home. About 100ks into the trip home, engine light came on. Took it back and they told me it was “Gear Speed Mismatch”. Does anyone know if the ECU should be reprogrammed to suit the new gear ratio ? Ps,,, dealers had the bike for 2 weeks, told me it was good to go, that it was the Gear shift switch,, I rode away and the engine light came on again. Took it back and left it with them AGAIN. It’s a 600k round trip for me to keep going back there and with all the “test riding” they are putting more K’s on it than me. 

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