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Smithsonian opens the indian museum

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Found this interesting article that was released as a press report in conjunction with the opening of the new Smithsonian Indian Museum in D.C.


Hope the link works. For more details and a video go to www.oig.doi.gov.


I thought it would be good to look at some Indian issues since we all believe in the brand that took it's name from the fall of Custer and the rise of Indian Pride after years of bloodshed. Plus I am tired of all this Kerry/Bush bashing we have been doing forever.


Somebody said, "lets talk Indian issues, so here is a good one.


Couldn't get the link to work from earthlink. Just go to the address above and read the article or watch the video.


My reaction is I am not surprised. The BIA has issues for many years and the gov. keeps it hush, hush.


What happens on the reservation stays on the reservation type of mentality.



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I didnt check the site , but I'll say this much , the govt made beaurocrats out of the Indians (BIA) , taught them how to Lie , Cheat and steal from there own people ! What a fucked up outfit , not many Indians I know trust them !


As far as changing the subject line from the Kerry/Bush thing , sorry but with the election nearing ,its not going to wane until its over !

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