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Indian Riders In Los Angeles

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We're around but a lot of people have retired and moved on.

No dealerships here either.

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I continue to see people riding Indian® mc's mostly around Corona, Malibu, Neptune's Net, Lincoln Blvd. etc. Would not call it an active group though. I know of Lawrence B. in Corona and Tony C. in Rancho Cucamonga (SP).  Have not visited THE SHOP (Ventura) in quite a few years. But, that's another story. So, Indian mc's are around greater los angeles area today.  Don't know if there is a "good" Indian only dealer/service operation in the area which kinda sucks too, IMHO.

me ride um Centennial  [MRUC]




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Avoid Orange County Indian.  Lot's of problems with that shop.  BluChief can fill a book about that.  They are under new management in the service department but I haven't heard anyone singing their praises.  I took my Chieftain down to San Marcos and they were great.  They were on time (early, in fact) found the source of a problem Indian OC couldn't, and had me out the door. I've heard fair things about Redlands as well but haven't gone there yet.  None of them will work on Gilroy bikes.  All claim that getting parts of the bikes is more expensive than it's worth to them.

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