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Gregory Polaris and Tab offering HP and Torque increases for Challengers!

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Rob Gregory, the owner of Gregory Polaris in Little Rock, one of the larger Indian dealers in the country, has been working with Tab, a smaller performance exhaust company, in the development of a crossover pipe that removes the catalytic converter and adds power! The final prototype before production has been run and they are ready to take orders. The gain is 6-7 HP (!) and 3-4 ft-lbs of torque! Because of the assistance Gregory Polaris has provided they have an 8 week exclusive and are offering the pipe for $400. After the exclusive the cost is estimated to be $475 or higher. Gregory worked with Tab on several prototypes to make it extremely easy for installation and proper fit using existing hardware and the existing donut gasket. If interested call Gregory Polaris at: 501-834-0344.

The installation at Gregory Polaris costs $120. but I 've been told that riders could do it in their garage with very few tools needed. Again, the benefits, as related to me, are as follows:

  • It gets rid of the catalytic converter and the excessive choke down of the challenger engine.
  • It yields a 6-7 HP gain and a 3-4 ft-lbs. of torque increase if using stock slip ons.
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