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It Ain't Braggin If Ya Back It Up..captain Hork

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A long time Indian Motorcycle Community and OG #IronIndianRider "Hork" has moved "Officially", one seat to the left at Delta Airlines.


Congratulations Hork ! Job well done.







Hork and his family ! He flew that Bomber in the pic in Defense of our Country!



Guy and Hork, accidental meet-up at #SFO



Hork and Big Al receiving their #IIRA security badges after saving me from getting my ass kicked by some Christian Biker MC I was beefing with... :nod::rotfl: ..#StayLegendary





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Congratulations Capt Hork!



That's awesome, all the best to a long a successful career in the left seat!

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Hork, a model father, patriot, and now Captain of the ship. Congratulations my friend.

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I have a buddy who is a retired USMC 0-6, former F-18 driver, and also flies for Delta.

Goes by Puma (actually Pearson)

Regardless, CONGRATS on moving over to the left

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