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1St Ever Image Of A Black Hole

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I was afraid it would be an image of Maxine waters 😲

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CD- Thanks for posting those two videos of the Thunderbolts Project - FANTASTIC! Excellent material providing a well described postulate of the Plasma Universe Theory and rebuttal to the Big Bang Theory - at least in terms that an 'image' doesn't necessarily provide proof of a Big Bang Theory - which, it does not.


I have always had issues with my conceptualization of which theory is actually 'correct' (the one in which I 'think' I believe) - always a conundrum deciding which makes the most sense. The majority of my academic work was spent studying biochemistry & molecular genetics, having only to fulfill the basic academic requirements of Physics - yet, physics was [for me] absolutely astounding once we moved into the theories of physics (which I never had to study further because this would have required more advanced coursework in physics).


Anyways, you have so joggled my brain, I will most likely spend the better part of my waking hours reviewing & reading more up-to-date scientific publications of the Plasma Universe Theory. I love this shit - I'm a freak. :rock:

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Black Holes ---Big Bangs---Damn this Post was not what I was hoping for--so back to the Forum

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