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So Long Sarge! Rip

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R. Lee Ermey was buried with full military honors yesterday at Arlington National Cemetery.




He died April 15, 2018 so this shows you the backlog/wait time to get buried at ANC. Active duty obviously has priority and can get in faster after passing but a 9 month wait is not unusual.


Rest In Peace Sarge!

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Nice that he rests there, finally.

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I liked the roles that he played in “Apocalypse Now” and “The Boys in Company C” best............... he played a more outspoken and real DI in "The Boys in Company C".


his greatest role, well it was his life and dedication to his God, his family, his country, his Corps and Marines as well as all others whom served this nation. As a Marine he is one of my brothers and one like Chesty Puller that all Marines are proud to say represented us with the highest since of "Esprit De Corps."


Some say he was outspoken, I say he stood firm in his convictions and he had the intestinal fortitude to speak up


Gunny, in life you were an inspiration to all whom you touched, leadership and dedication above and beyond your call of duty.

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Rest in honored peace Gunny!


Gates of Heaven Gunnery Sgt at the watch

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R.I.P. Gunny. You were an American Original. You exemplified what the Marine Corps stood for.

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