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Steve Mc Queen... Rip

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I know 'The Blob' was released as a 'B' movie in the drive-in theaters in 1958; and, I don't recall what year I watched the original 'The Blob' on my parents Black & White television but it scared the living shit out of my brother and myself when we watched it one late night - 1959 maybe?. I recall it as the first Steve McQueen movie I saw and many (most/all) which followed.

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....why the Indian Head?


I dunno. But, can offer a couple guesses.


1. Indian Head...symbol of America and U.S. leadership in TV communications technology during an earlier age of TV entertainment.


2. Indian Head has plenty of visual detail for "TV Techie GEEKS" to analyze.



This space reserved for photo of my 2 cents.





me ride um centennial [MRUC]









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As a kid I could never forget the haunting scene of Steve Mc., with a satchel charge, in flames of that hitlerian MG 42, concrete, bunker. Rip.







me ride um centennial [MRUC]















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I realize it was a test pattern since I often accompanied my dad to the drug store to get some new vertical &/or horizontal television tubes; yet, why the Indian Head?





Early MK Ultra psyop progwamming!




Notice the Chief is directly above the bull's eye?

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