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Much better then that asshole bowing to everyone     MAGA!

My Grandpa

Can you prove this false?? I find it funny how all stuff said bad about him is taken as gospel truth and anything good is taken as a lie. A lot of what has been said as lies has come out as the truth

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I must've seen half a dozen different news programs /911 specials yesterday.Never once did they say "Islamic terrorists", "Al-Qaeda",Mid-East Terrrorists. It was always " the tragedy" . The Spin is so obvious once you are aware of it.

I didn't see Rev Al, Jesse Jr or Barry at any of the memorials. Guess they had something better to do.

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President Trump noted the "cowardly attack by radical Islamic terrorist ". During his speech at the Flight 93 memorial yesterday

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Most of 'em are lawyer trained double trouble forked tongue corporate owned hacks...





What's to like?

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Stuart Karaffa is just the first federal government employee that Project Veritas has filmed


in an undercover series unmasking the deep state.


More video reports are to be released soon.




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Common Sense is not common anymore period...



As actor-turned-activist Richard Dreyfuss warned:

Unless we teach the ideas that make America a miracle of government,


it will go away in your kids’ lifetimes, and we will be a fable.


You have to find the time and creativity to teach it in schools,


and if you don’t, you will lose it.


You will lose it to the darkness, and what this country represents is


a tiny twinkle of light in a history of oppression and darkness and cruelty.


If it lasts for more than our lifetime, for more than our kids’ lifetime,


it is only because we put some effort into teaching what it is,


the ideas of America:


the idea of opportunity, mobility, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly










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Maybe the best way to start a serious criminal investigation of 'HRC'


would be for President Trump to nominate her for SCJustice?








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Kavanaugh Accuser: Family CIA Black Budget Ops / Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties














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