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The Attempt To M A G A ~ Will The Plan Succeed?

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Birth of FaceBook fullfills 'LifeLog Project' Program Parameters


February 4th, 2004







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FaceBook has been functioning for over 14 years as a continuation of LifeLog...


it has been joined by Twitter, Instagram and other raw info gathering sites.


LifeLog aims to compile a massive electronic database of every activity


and relationship any person engages in.


All persons are target subjects ~ globally.


This is to include credit card purchases, web sites visited, the content of


telephone calls and e-mails sent and received, scans of faxes and postal mail


sent and received, instant messages sent and received, books and magazines read,


television and radio selections, physical location recorded via wearable GPS sensors,


biomedical data captured through wearable sensors.


The high level goal of this data logging is to identify "preferences, plans,


goals, and other markers of intentionality".


The DARPA program was canceled (not~Really) in 2004 after criticism from civil libertarians


concerning the abusive implications of the system.


Generically, the term lifelog or flog is used to describe a storage system that can


automatically and persistently record and archive all information concerning an object's


(object lifelog) or user's (user lifelog) life experience in all particular data categories.



News reports in the media described LifeLog as the


"diary to end all diaries—a multimedia, digital record of


everywhere you go and everything you see, hear, read, say and touch."


According to U.S. government officials, LifeLog is not connected with TIA.







TIA was the "biggest surveillance program in the history of the United States".


The program was defunded alongside the Information Awareness Office in late 2003


by the United States Congress after media reports criticized the government for attempting


to establish "Total Information Awareness" over all citizens.


Although the program was formally suspended, its data mining software


was later adopted by other government agencies, with only superficial changes being made.


The core architecture of TIA continued development under the code name "Basketball."


According to a 2012 New York Times article, the legacy of Total Information Awareness


is "quietly thriving" at the National Security Agency (NSA).



















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Advance Artificial Intelligence & Reasoning Technology sifts through the personal information


biometrics and collated indicators to archive an infinite active resource library of all creation.

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Cookies are the most prevalent ubiquitous enigmatic invasive TIA gathering devices running on ARPANET today - devised to run on any Internet Web Browser and collect any and all information regarding a persons browsing activity.

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All they will get from me is a lot of porn.


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