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Look what the bush camp

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Most of you may already know they've released John Hinckley from the

>mental facility for unsupervised visits to his parents home on weekends.

>For those of you who may be too young to remember, John Hinckley shot

>President Ronald Reagan to impress the actress Jodie Foster. On the day of his release, this nice letter was sent to John Hinckley from President Bush:





>Mr. John Hinckley

>St. Elizabeth's Hospital

>Washington, DC


>Dear John:


>Laura and I hope that you are continuing your excellent progress in

>recovery from your mental problems. We were pleased to hear that you are now able to have unsupervised visits with your parents. The staff at the hospital reports that you are doing fine.


>I have decided to seek a second term in office as your president and I would appreciate your support and the support of your fine parents.


>I would hope that if there is anything that you need at the hospital,

>you would let us know.


>By the way, are you aware that John Kerry is sleeping with Jodie Foster?



>George W. Bush

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