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My wife recently got a bike, and we are thinking about getting an intercom

to talk between bikes as we ride. She wants a fancy music playing - phone answering - intercom. Id be satisfied with a simple point to point intercom only system. (I mean, who wants to answer the damn phone when riding their bike?). She has a 2015 Spyder and I believe she can connect with Bluetooth to that. But Ive got a 2001 Chief with no electronics.

The problem being we know very little about intercoms and I figured this would be the place to ask, and I appreciate any stories, advice, reviews or suggestions about what you all think are good motorcycle intercom systems. Thanks.

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Don't know about intercoms. But, did want to ask if your 2001 is a Centennial. True Centennials have a small badge, on right side of bike frame, in front of fuel tank.


Badge would look like this:



Me Ride Um Centennial [MRUC]








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