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Relearning history

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Relearning History

Friday, September 17, 2004


By Ralf Sieffe


On Neville Chamberlain’s return from signing the Munich Pact in 1938, Winston Churchill observed that Chamberlain had been presented the choice between dishonor and war. “You chose dishonor” Churchill said “but you will get war.”


Less than a year later, his prediction came true. Now, a lifetime later, old Europe has made a similar choice to avoid the war on terrorism and their decision is beginning to have the same consequences as it did so many years ago.


As the presidential campaign plays out, George Bush should remind Americans that France, Russia and to a lesser extent, Germany, have made the choices John Kerry and the American left recommend. Now they, and not us, are suffering the modern version of war the Great Britan predicted.


For those who do not remember the Munich Pact, the basic facts are these: Adolf Hitler threatened war if Czechoslovakia, a country invented after the First World War, did not grant “self-determination” to Germans living there.


In the act that came to define “appeasement”, the prime ministers of Britain and France bargained away the sovereignty of the Czech Republic in return for der Furher’s promise to demand more territory. Chamberlain returned from Munich, and stepped out of his airplane waving the paper Hitler had signed. In a demonstration that must have impressed British peaceniks, Chamberlain exclaimed that he had arranged “peace in our time.” Eleven months later, Germany invaded Poland and thus began Act Two of the Twentieth Century’s Great War.


Thirty years ago, in the very same town, the first inkling of the World War in which we are now engaged occurred when Black September murdered the Israeli athletes at the Olympics.


Since then, the Europeans have suffered any number of terrorists attacks yet have attempted to appease the forces that assault them. These attacks gathered in Americans, too; terrorists rolled Leon Klinghoffer off the Achille Lauro’s fantail and they bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland killing hundreds including many Americans.


In these cases, and others, the European’s criminal justice systems let the perpetrators off without significant penalties and their civil justice systems took nearly a generation to resolve responsibility.


The reason the Europeans have not pursued these murderers---and their sponsors---occurs for the same reason that Chamberlain dealt with Hitler; the socialist regimes in Moscow, Paris and Berlin believe in appeasement. This is like feeding a shark today with the expectation that by doing so, he’ll not be hungry tomorrow. We know better about sharks but failed to apprehend the lessons in Mein Kampf. Now, the Koran reveals why Islam produces human killing machines and it is a lesson we should heed.


With the destruction of the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon attack and the downed jet in Pennsylvania, Islamic fanatics moved their terror from Europe to America, inflicting homicide and mayhem on an unprecedented scale.


For the first time, pan-Islamic terrorists were no longer head-scarfed, unshaven young thugs but real killers with real names who appeared on our television screens, often posthumously.


So, after a collective moment to shake off the hurt of 9/11, Americans resolved to begin quickly what Europe had allowed to fester for 32 years. We made war against the terrorists and their enablers.


In Afghanistan, 100 days of our technology accomplished what the Chinese, British and the Soviet Union could not in more than a thousand years of trying.


In Libya, the sponsor of the Lockerbie bombers was scared out of his plan to morph from a conventional political gangster into a nuclear terrorist.


In Iraq, American resolve has hammered a democratic wedge into the terrorist crescent and we are beginning to see Iraqi determination replace American casualties. Saddam is no longer providing pensions for the families of homicide bombers.


Saudi Arabia got the message too---they are now arresting Wahabi terrorists rather than funding them.


We gave the old continental Europeans the choice to join us and, thereby, protect themselves. Afraid of war, they refused to face evident evil just as their grandparents had in 1938. They chose the dishonorable course and, exactly as Churchill warned, these heirs of appeasement got war anyway.


In Russia, a theatre and its patrons smashed, two planes simultaneously destroyed and a school full of children mass-murdered. In France, anti-Semites are burning synagogues and glowing tinders are beginning to flame over as Islamic religious law collides with French sensibilities.


Contrast that with the relative quiet Americans have enjoyed during the three years since 9/11. Confronting the Islamo-fascists with what the American Left describes as interdictions, invasions, occupations and intimidations works. Euro-babble appeasement, conciliation, endless international process and inactivity has proven deadly.


George Bush made the right choice and the judgment his world-plan contains is beginning to show.


As the campaign reaches a crescendo, events will support the wisdom of his action and as a candidate, he will point it out. That’s a good start but as president, he should look beyond the election and recognize that Iran is lurking in the second term.


We are appeasing the mullahs now but their increasing testiness must surely indicate that the policy is producing the same result as it did with the infamous dictators of mid-century. Bush’s pre-emptive strategy shows he’s leaned that lesson; John Kerry’s internationalism shows he has not.

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I only have one question:

Why when the devil himself was called ossama (ignore the spelling) did we jump on a new band wagon called saddam?



What ever happened to the one that is known to have caused 9/11?

Weapons of mass destruction = Lost american solders


for what its worth, i'm done now.

p.s. if bush gets binladden I may indeed vote for him.

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