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Lithium Batteries

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Good day...


Well it's time to replace my battery again. Florida is not kind to batteries. Even though I ride a lot, 120K on the Spirit, I still place it on the tender when it sits for more than a couple days because of our heavy afternoon showers, which like to start when it's time to leave work.

I've been using AGM for the last few years. I average one to two years on a battery. I'm thinking maybe Lithium. Any comments? I have done my research and of course the cost is the top of the dis-advantages. But if it lasts even twice as long down here I'm spending the same amount. Also with the PP100 engine on my bike the cca is a big plus with the lithium. 325 on the average for an AGM, 370 on a lithium. I could not give a crap about weight.

What say the family?

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