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The Vietnam War - Pbs.org

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This is an exceptional historical documentary consisting of ten episodes - beginning with the history of Vietnam in Episode 1 (Deja Vu; 1868-1961). Each episode ranges between 1.5hrs to 2.0 hrs in length. I'm not interested in engaging and/or embroiling in conversations regarding who won, who lost, how we got there, why we got involved and/or blaming any party, president or congressional leaders for our occupation in Vietnam. I only wanted to share the exceptional historical documentation of this PBS.ORG series with anyone interested in learning, reviewing and/or updating their understanding of the Vietnam war.


I'm watching it via Roku on PBS.ORG but there are several media and streaming channels available (for free) until October 15th.







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Thanks for the heads up , I want see this . I have a number of friends that were there ranging from grunts to generals and door gunners to chopper pilots, Air Force, navy and marine pilots and SF bad assess. Fortunately for me I was too young for that one, thank you to all that served.

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I watched most if not all of those documentaries.

I find that time period disturbing. That war lasted my entire cognizant childhood. I just missed the draft because of my age. By that time, we all knew why we were there and it wasn't to stop communism, but I would have served if called. We watched the evening news showing soldiers carrying the dead and wounded. There was always a body count for both sides. A score kept in a war of attrition.

A lot of brave men died fighting an undeclared war that had rules for us and no rules for them. We would take hills by conventional means and serious casualties and then abandon them. We were barred from "conventionally" chasing the enemy into Laos and Cambodia and they used that to their advantage. They had R&R camps just across the border. The Russians and Chinese supplied and advised the NVA. I have a couple of clients that have family members suffering from complications of Agent Orange exposure.

Those veterans deserve our respect and admiration for their sacrifice.

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It was an exceptional documentary and I have watched it twice. I missed the lottery draft by three days.

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