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Las Vegas Massacre Facts Slowly Coming To Light

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2 months earlier the shooter Paddock was captured at a protest in Reno


wearing a pink pussy hat next to his Phillipina partner in a live action video:




@5:00 minute mark

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My sources informed me yesterday that he is a far left. "Impeach Trump" America sucks guy. They have evidence that is not released of him following left wing causes


Disclaimer. I haven't had these confirmed through my channels , i believe that he did it act alone and from the sounds of the shots , there's more than one shooter and somebody was firing a belt fed full auto weapon , sounds like a M249. Again just speculation on my part

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More importantly thoughts and prayers for the victims and their family and friends

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Investigators are acting clueless about the motive, and I know that can't be the case. There was some so-called "fake news" on Facebook about him being a liberal looney.


I did hear he had a bump stock on one of his rifles. A friend of mine has one, that I have shot. They basically, and legally, turn a semi-auto into an auto. With that and a 100 round drum clip it would sound like a belt-fed weapon.


With the ramped-up talk of gun control, gun and ammo sales will spike, along with pricing. It was said that Obama was the best thing that ever happened to the firearm industry.

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