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That Puerto Rico is an ISLAND!!


And it's in the middle of an OCEAN!!


A big OCEAN surrounded by lotsa WATER!!


And ya cain't just drive big trucks there!!


Who knew, who knew..............................



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His profile says he hasn't been on here since September of last year, wonder what's up with him. Hope he made it though Maria ok.

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I called him 2 or 3 days after the hurricane and left a message. Hasn't returned my call as of yet.

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Spoke to Ariel just now for about a half hour.


The island is real torn up and the power grid is toast.


Everyone in P.R. needs their own generator & fuel for electricity & they are going through many


AA, AAA, C, & mostly D cell batteries & 9 Volt for radio, flashlight & etc as well as


cell phone batteries.


Water is a stand in line deal at Costco or government depots.


Ariel & his family have a canine & feline rescue refuge & have over 80 dogs & many cats to feed daily.


Ariel has had rotator cuff surgery before Maria hit and is healing from that.


Still has his Garlick PP100 but not riding lately due to healing from the surgery.


He still has his art business in the city but has been unable to travel there as yet.


He is a busy man helping those less fortunate rebuild & regroup through the worst devastation in memory.


I thought I had his address in my phone contacts but the data must not have transferred to the new phone,


I am powering up my old phone to find that addy or will call him back tomorrow for the info.


He lost some roofs, but thankful that the walls held together at his home.


Ariel & his wife are good souls whose actions help others & I would like to help them do that.

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