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Hideous Teenager

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I keep seeing stories online of female teachers getting caught having sex with their teen students, and it makes me wonder WTF? Was I a truly hideous teenager, as none of my teachers wanted to F*%@K me?


Looking at some of these photos, I know for a fact I would have jumped at the chance to have had sex with them. But then again I went to Catholic High School and my teachers were nuns, but not hot young looking nuns.





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Those poor 16 year old "victims".

A 16 year old's priorities in order are:

1. Find someone/something to have sex with (even snakes if you can get someone to hold its head)

2. Sleeping

3. Eating

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My teachers were mostly old hags, one had a wooden hand and another had a hunchback


But a 16 given the chance...

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